Dear Wisconsin:

Difficult times tell us a lot about our leaders. Some rise to the occasion. Others fall short. Over the past two years Wisconsin has faced historic challenges, and Governor Tony Evers has failed us.

His bungling Department of Workforce Development left hundreds of thousands of unemployed claimants without benefits and hope. His deadly slow response to the riots in Madison and Kenosha resulted in businesses, government buildings and homes being damaged, looted and set on fire. When it was all over, two people were dead, several were injured, and Kenosha businesses had sustained more than $50 million in damage.

After a long and unprecedented pandemic, hope arrived in the form of COVID-19 vaccines. But Evers and his Department of Health Services botched the rollout, leaving Wisconsin’s most vulnerable citizens waiting for protection.

During a time of unparalleled civil unrest, the governor played politics, further dividing Wisconsin at a moment when we desperately needed a unifier.

In short, Gov. Tony Evers has failed Wisconsin.

This website is dedicated to the people Tony Evers left behind. Here are some of their stories.